Outline Opacity:


Outline Thickness:


Center Dot:

Center Dot opacity:


Center Dot Thickness:


Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair Offset:

Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair:

Fade Crosshair With Firing Error:

Show Inner Lines:

Inner Line Opacity:


Inner Line Length:


Inner Line Thickness:


Inner Line Offset:


Movement Error:

Movement Error Multiplier:

Firing Error:

Firing Error Multiplier

Show Outer Lines:

Outer Line Opacity:


Outer Line Length:


Outer Line Thickness:


Outer Line Offset:


Movement Error:

Movement Error Multiplier:

Firing Error:

Firing Error Multiplier

Copy and share your crosshair settings



What makes this generator special?

The randomize option is excellent when you are a beginner unaware of the ideal setup. This way, you could explore thousands of options and make your Valorant crosshair without referring to options online.

Huge Database

To begin with, you get a comprehensive database! With the help of this random ValornatCrosshair Generator, you can scroll and pick from thousands of options. The database of this generator allows you to explore the unique crosshairs for Valorant.

Even so, if you do not feel like generating your crosshairs, then you can also browse and select already developed crosshairs available in this generator.

Live tracking

Yes, you can live track the entire process in this Valorant Crosshair Generator, which helps players to stay updated with their crosshair settings. Every little change you make gets reflected on your screen to help you make an informed choice with selection.

Instant Results

After changing the Crosshair via crosshair maker settings and setting them to your preference, you can quickly generate crosshair code in no time. Once you are done with the settings, the Valorant crosshair generator takes a few seconds to develop code, allowing players to explore more advanced crosshair settings options. These features let you generate numerous crosshairs at once, so that you don’t need to use the tool regularly.

Approved by Pro Gamers

Yes, even the pro gamers swear by the generator capability. There are some pro players’ settings in the database for the sake of beginners. We have tested this tool with the help of Professional valorantgamers and make changes according to their suggestions. It makes this valorant crosshair generator an excellent choice for you.  You can also refer to pro Mouse settings, Video Settings, and Keybinds for a better crosshair design.



What is a Valorant Crosshair Generator?

With the Valorant Crosshair Generator, you can create your customized crosshair online and generate Crosshair codes that you can easily import into the game. With the Valorant Crosshair Generator tool, you can also send your stitches to other people in the community.

With so many options to explore, you need to generatethe crosshair type or select from the in-built database. The process is pretty straightforward and allows you to set yourcrosshairs in just few seconds.

How to use a generator?

The tool is easy to use. If you are a beginner and looking for the correct ways to use the Valorant Crosshair Generator, then the following points will help you get started.

Tweak the desired settings

With the Valorant Crosshair Generator, players can change the setting according to their preference. When you enter the website, set the General settings, inner line, and outer line matching to your fit. When you are done with that, click on the ‘Generate Code‘ tab given below.

Copy the code

When you click on the ‘Generate Code‘ tab, a code will be generated. Please copy the code and save it for the next step.

Import Crosshair Code

Finally, import the crosshair code into the game. The following steps will show how to Import Crosshair code into the game:

  1. Visit the Settings and select the Crosshair tab.
  2. Next, select the icon which looks like an arrow; pointed down next to your Crosshair profile.
  3. Now, paste the Crosshair code in the available field that you imported in the previous section.
  4. Click on the ‘Import‘ tab.
  5. The Crosshair preview given at the top of the settings will show your imported data. Pick a name for your Crosshair profile according to your preference.

Points to Remember

Make sure to Save previous settings

You must always save your previous Valorant crosshair setting. So, if you are unsatisfied with the current settings generated via Valorant Crosshair Generator, you can return to the old ones easily. This way, you will start making different crosshair settings for your usage and skip to any other setting whenever you want, according to your preference.

How to use custom Crosshair in Valorant

The Valorant allows you to customize its default crosshair according to your choice. The results of using custom crosshair depend from player to player. However, pro gamers always say that choosing custom crosshairs for valroant is the best idea. To customize crosshair settings, Follow the below steps: –

  1. To open the menu, press ‘ESC‘ and select the ‘Settings‘ option.
  2. The next step is to navigate the ‘Crosshair‘ tab.
  3. After this, click on the ‘Primary‘ option, which will lead you to the final step.
  4. The last step includes adjusting the Valorant Crosshair Settings according to your preference. For instance, if you have a habit of spraying your weapon’s magazine in the middle of a fight, we would highly suggest you develop a medium-sized crosshair.
  5. That is it! You created a custom crosshair in Valorant.

Valorant Crosshair and its elements

Crosshair color

You can pick from the 8 available colors in the settings. Always choose a unique color for a fight so that no matter how heated the thing gets, you can always spot your crosshair among others. In this valorant crosshair generator you can pick form numerous colors as per you preference.


With outlines, you never lose sight of your crosshair. When you enable outlines, your crosshair will have a black border, and you can customize the opacity and the thickness according to your requirement.

Center dot

You have access to choose whether or not you want a center dot in your crosshair. However, a center dot helps to target the aim easily.

Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair

When you enable this setting, you can see how other players (your teammates) have set their crosshairs while playing the game. When you disable it, you can only see your crosshair.

Inner and outer lines

With inner and outer lines, you can play around with your crosshair as both of them have the same settings. You can adjust their opacity, length, distance, and thickness from the center. Or, you can also choose each to change according to the movement and firing dynamically.

Fade Crosshair with Firing Error

With the movement error and firing error, you can see a visual indication of how both of these things impact your accuracy. A firing error is when the accuracy of your shot decreases with each hit. If this setting is on, the top of your crosshair will fade if the spray of your weapon is off. However, the line will return when you stop firing.

Recommendation for Beginners

In Valorant, the essential part is aiming, and you are stuck with the wrong crosshair settings. Also, having a good crosshair is very important if you want your aim to be precise and deal with lesser eliminations.

Another thing to consider is that crosshair settings depend upon personal preference; for that, you need to see what the pro players’ settings are.

To make things easy, you can usea fine crosshair in the color that does not distract you too much. The preferable color is white and green as they don’t blend with background color.

Fundamentals for best settings:

Following are the fundamentals that will help you create the best valorantcrosshair for your next play!

Keep it simple

Always try to keep it simple! Usethe most subtle settings to avoid getting distracted. You can do the same by choosing pleasing colors such as white or green.

Use the fixed crosshair

Always use a fixed crosshair for effective gunplay. When you start using a fixed crosshair, it helps you aim better, eventually improving your shots. If you keep changing it, the fluctuations make it difficult to conquer aiming in Valorant.

Keep it medium

You do not want your crosshair to take up the entire screen of your game. To avoid such situations, keep the crosshair size medium, so the size is easily noticeable and does not take half of your screen. Also, do not keep it small and too hard to see.

Make it clear

Make sure the crosshair you are creating is entirely visible to you. And you can continue playing the game without getting distracted. Enable center dot to improve accuracy in aiming.


Improvise the crosshair settings till you find a crosshair of your preference, and do not get stuck with one setting for your entire life. Always experiment with the random options and try not to settle with one pick for your whole gameplay. Once you find a perfect crosshair that fits your play style, stick to it and practice.

When creating your own Valorant Crosshair, you always need to be aware of what is best for your shot. For this you can always use our valorant crosshair generator. To get better references, you can always look up for pro players’ crosshair settings available in our database and customize your crosshair settings according to their recommendations.