About Viper

Viper is a controller in Valorant. She is an American Chemist and possesses the ability of poisonous chemical devices to take control of the battlefield and destroy her enemies’ vision. Viper’s toxins are enough to kill her prey. Even if they don’t do that, her mind games will surely bring her enemies to the ground.



This one equips a gas emitter. As the name suggests, this is a poison cloud that traps the enemies for a limited period. When you shoot Fire, it throws the emitter that remains on the ground throughout the level. Viper can use this ability more than once and can be picked up to be redeployed.

With the help of Toxic Screen, Viper can launch a gas emitter. You need to fire to deploy an extended range of gas emitters that damages the enemies. You can reuse this ability more than once to create a toxic wall to destroy your enemies.



This one is a chemical launcher that helps slow down and damage the enemies. To make a shot, Fire the chemical launcher in the air to launch a canister that shatters when it touches the ground. The snake bite results in a lingering chemical zone that damages all the enemies on the way.

The Viper’s Pit is an excellent choice when you want to slow down and reduce the vision range of your enemies. You need to fire to spray a chemical cloud all over the area that will cover the nearby enemies into it. The Viper’s Pit stays for a limited time and comes in handy when dealing with multiple players.


More Details

Appearance and Personality

Viper is here to attract attention with her venom green eyes and Jett black hair. Her black mask complements her entire personality, making her even more appealing. Also, when she uses her ultimate ability, this mask covers her whole face, protecting her from the poison.

She completes her look with a green skin-tight bodysuit and customized gloves. What makes Viper the best is that she isn’t afraid of her enemies. On the other hand, he lives for fear. She is both a monster and a villain and does not want to act like both when it comes to her mission’s success.

Playing Tactics with Viper

Viper is a supporting character in Valorant because all her abilities can only slow down or distract her enemies. With the help of her powers, you can set up the smoke wall slowing down the enemies, while her allies can take advantage of this situation by maximizing the damage. You can also help your allies by creating more space for them with your utility. However, if you are Viper, you need to save fuel and do not spend the source in irrelevant places.

Likewise, when you purchase the phase barrier drops, you can use a snake bit along with the solid lineup to negate the enemy’s trials. If the timing is good, the ability will connect to the ground as soon as your enemies start to arrive. This will inflict your enemies and make them vulnerable, which you can take advantage of.

You can also create a fake presence by activating the abilities in an off-timing. Here, the enemies will keep thinking you are behind the blast, and you can surprise them from a different angle.

Viper Team Comps

The best team comps for Viper are Sova, Cypher, Brimstone, Omen, Sage, Raze, and Jett. The best team members to go forward are Viper, Omen, and Sova, and they gather information associated with the map. Cypher can be in the back of the line to ensure no one damages his team.

Jett is famous for her aggressive attacks once the enemy team is stuck in the plan. The same goes for Viper, but the team can use Viper’s abilities to slow down their enemies or reduce their vision. Viper and her team members can corner their enemies and deal maximum damage.