About Phoenix

Phoenix is a duelist in Valorant who hails from the English grounds of the UK. The most extraordinary power of Phoenix is his star power that shines through the darkest lanes. He ignites the battlefield with flash and flare and is always aware of his actions. Phoenix does not mind whether he is alone or with his team; he rushes into the fighting land on his terms.



This one is a flared ball that needs a few seconds to activate. When activated, it takes a curving path and detonates when thrown. You need to Fire to curve the flare orb to the left. The orb explodes and blinds the players who see it. You can use the Alternate Fire to curve the orb to the right.

As the name suggests, this one is a Fireball. You need to Fire to throw a fireball that explodes after some time or when it touches a hard surface. The hot hand creates a lingering fire zone that makes the enemies vulnerable. This ability deals damage to anyone caught in the fire blast.



Blaze is a flame wall. You need to Fire to create a wall of flames that damages the enemies. If someone is caught in the firewall, it starts to hurt them slowly. The Blaze also blocks the enemies’ vision that Pheonix uses for his advantage. To blend the wall in your crosshair direction, Hold Fire.

This one places a mark at the location of where Phoenix is standing. Phoenix gets one more chance to survive when this ability is in use. When the timer expires or if Phoenix dies in the middle of the battle, it will bring Phoenix back to earth with full health.


More Details

Appearance and Personality

Phoenix is a dark-skinned, Afro-British descent who will surely capture your heart in one look. His black long sleeve shirt is accompanied by a white jacket where there is also a white phoenix graphic, enhancing the overall look.

In his bottoms, he wears dark baggy pants with bullet shells and completes the look with black sneakers with orange laces and white soles. He is half Afro- descent and loves to rock the short black dreadlocks look. Phoenix also has a hint of accessories, such as gold earrings and a ring with a crown emblem.

As Phoenix is duelist in nature, he is very impulsive and does not hesitate to get under critical situations. If Phoenix is stuck in a sticky situation caused by his impulsive nature, he has the power to turn the tables around and adapt to the circumstances. With his moves, he loves to rub on his teammates’ faces who initially doubted his potential.

Playing Tactics with Phoenix

Phoenix is an explosive performer who has the potential to turn the tables around. His flames not only can manipulate the battlefield but also heal him. Phoenix has a set of helpful ability combos that helps him to get started on his mission.

When you use Phoenix, you have the option to protect your team members with your practical tactics. When you play on Bind, you can do some creativity using the Run it back ability in the combination of teleporting abilities.

Phoenix Team Comps

Phoenix is a valuable character in Valorant and matches best with several characters. His abilities fit well with Sage, Jett, Raze, and Breach. Phoenix is one of the most brutal information gatherers in the game, and his abilities are complemented by the powerhouses of close combat, such as Breach and Raze.

Also, Phoenix’s abilities match Cypher’s because they are both excellent information-gathering choices. When these two deliver the information to the teammates, characters such as Sage, Sova, and Breach come into force. Overall, there are loads of characters on Valorant whose abilities are enhanced when adjoined with Phoenix.