About Kay/O

Kay/o is not a human you can destroy, but he is a machine built solely to neutralize radiants. He is an initiator in Valorant who is developed for the destruction of the enemies. He has the power to suppress the enemies’ abilities and use his own to be the assured winner of the fight. His abilities secure him and his allies from the enemies.



This one is a flash grenade that can blind anyone in sight. The Flash is shot after a short period when the shot is placed by throwing it at the enemies. The blast’s intensity is so strong that not even the team members can see what is happening around them.

This equipment is a suppression blade. You need to fire it to throw it toward the enemy. When the shot is placed, the blade sticks to the surface, touches it, winds up, and suppresses all the enemies near the explosion.



This one is an explosive fragment. When the shot is placed, the fragment touches the Fire and explodes multiple times. This damages any person near the sight. The fragment ability is collateral; you watch your target and hit the Fire button to see your enemies shredding in pieces.

This ability is instantly charged with polarized radiate energy that gives an edge to Key/o. The ability charges him, and a large energy pulse emits from his location. When the enemies are hit with the pulses, they are suppressed for a while. Kay/o uses this suppression for his benefit to escape or do more damage to the enemies.


More Details

Appearance and Personality

Kay/o’s face shows all the images of what’s happening around them. When he starts speaking, a peak meter is animated, which looks too robotic to look at. His hands, head, and body are made of metal. His legs, by the look of them, are made of metal and leather.

His body parts show energy and electricity. Kay/o’s other body parts where his power is visible include his forearms, chest middle part, and the side of his legs.

Even though he is a robot, that does not mean he is entirely devoid of human emotions. When he was a part of the Human-Radiant war, he showed sympathy to all his teammates. His unique functions and sarcastic wit show he is more than just a killing machine on Valorant.

Playing Tactics with Kay/o

At first, it seems that he hasn’t got any revolutionary abilities. But as you proceed in the game, with Kay/o on your side, you will realize that he is more than just a hunk of the machine. As you already know, his Fragment grenade deals three pulses worth of damage. It can be very destructive if the enemy player catches it directly. You can use them when the enemies are hovering towards you.

Furthermore, if you notice a large group rushing toward you, you can use the blades to suppress them altogether. If your enemies’ gun skills are good, they can only get out alive.

Kay/o Team Comps

Kay/o TeThe best thing about Kay/o is that his abilities complement most characters, such as Killjoy, Astra, Raze, Brimstone, Reyna, Sage, and Cypher. Kay/o has brought mixed feelings to the game, some think of him as an advantage, and for him, he is just a broken machine. However, Kay/o is the best counter against all the characters in Valorant, ultimately resulting in his team’s benefit. Astra and Kay/o unite to obliterate the enemy team when Sage provides the healing.