jett valorant agent


About Jett

Jett is a duelist in Valorant, and she represents her home country South Korea. You will understand her personality with a look because of her Korean quick wits. She has agile and evasive skills and is always ready for a fight! She takes risks that no one else could, resulting in a win-win situation for her team members.



She is a fighter; therefore, all her abilities complement the same. As the name suggests, Updraft is helpful to take a high step your way. When you use it, it propels Jett high into the air. This gives her an edge to keep an eye on her enemies.

Tailwind works similar to the Updraft. But instead of bouncing high in the air, it helps Jett propel into the direction she is moving. If she stands still and uses this ability, she will get pushed forward, which ultimately helps her protect herself from her enemies’ sudden shots.



Cloudburst helps in an instant blocking vision of the enemies. When the Fire explodes into a blocking vision that impacts temporarily on the surface. To make a shot, you need to target a place with your crosshair, and when you proceed, the cloudburst trails to the crosshair’s spot, blocking the vision of the enemies.

With the help of the blade storm, a set of sharpened knives is a shoot that intends to kill the opponent. You can fire to throw a single knife on your opponent or target a particular location. The Alternate Fire helps to throw the remaining knives at your opponent. So, if a single shot did not work with a Fire, you can instantly opt for an Alternate Fire.


More Of Jett Valorant Agent

Appearance and Personality

She has fair skin, and her height is short. Right now, she is one of the youngest players of Valorant in the neon edition. Her white hair is tied in a bun on the back, but what makes her more attractive is her long bands that always manage to stay in one place. She has blue eyes, and by her look, it seems she wears eyeliner. When Jett uses her radiant powers to manipulate the wind, you can see whorls of white hair wrapped around her arms. The icon on the lip of the hoodie is similar to the ones she wore on her gloves.

Even though you may feel that Jett is a cool agent with her look, she is one of the most aggressive catches on Valorant with a distinctive, sarcastic personality. However, her behavior towards her teammates is relatively relaxed and supportive.

Playing Tactics with Jett

Her strategies always revolve around her abilities, such as tailwind and Updraft. If you wish to take the fight into your hands, you can combine her two abilities, which will give you an edge over your enemies. If you cannot move further or back, you can use the Updraft ability for quick actions.

You can use Jett when you are in a do-or-die situation. With her superpowers, you and your team are always one step ahead in the game.

Jett Team Comps

The best team comps of Jett are Phoenix, Sage, Raze, Breach, Cypher, Viper, Yoru, and Omen. Jett and Chamber make a perfect match as they both can dominate the map and use other agents’ abilities to wipe their enemies. Also, Jett and Sage are a better combination because when these two are in a fight, it benefits the team. After all, Jett is the glue that holds his entire group together.