About Fade

Fade is an initiator in Valorant. She belongs to Turkey and is famous for her boy hunting abilities. She unleashes raw nightmares’ power to discover what’s happening in her enemies’ minds. Fade herself is a nightmare who likes to take her sweet time by revealing the darkest secrets of her enemies in front of him before crushing them into pieces.



Seize is a nightmare in which Fade traps her enemies for a limited period. You need Fire to throw the orb, which plummets to the ground. Upon explosion, the ink traps the enemies, who cannot leave the precise area with normal means. You can also re-use the ability by dropping early in the fight.

This equipment comes with the ability to haunt your enemies. It takes a few seconds to explode when you throw the orb on the ground. Once done, the sphere turns into a nightmarish entity that reveals the enemy’s location and gets caught in its way. However, the enemies have access to destroy this entity.



This equipment is a prowler that helps to near sight the enemies. When you fire this ability, it sends the prowler out, which usually travels in a straight line. The prowler reaches before the enemies, nearsighted, which you can use for your benefit. You need to hold the fire button to activate the prowler.

This ability has the power of fear that you can use to haunt your enemies. To use this ability, you do not need to know the specific location of the opposite team. You can fire the ability on a selected location where you think other players are hiding, and this energy can traverse through the walls and automatically reach your opponent.


More Details

Appearance and Personality

Fade is a light skin woman with a mysterious look. She wears her dramatic black rectangular eyeshadow and black lipstick. There is also a dark oval marking on her face and neck that transforms from black to white. Fade is fond of tattoos, and her overall look can predict her abilities.

She wears an outfit of omen colors such as dark blue and black. Her sleeves are sipped, and even her gloves expose her hands that are toned with henna. On her blue jacket is a Nazar or ‘Evil Eye’ that resembles a symbol of protection from bad omens and misfortune in Turkey. There is again a Nazar on her waist and the other two bags, in which a black one is on her right thigh, and a purple one is on her left hip.

Looking at Fade, one might think she is rude to even talk to. But she has a sense of humor reflected in how she speaks. Even if she says something deadpan, it is a sarcastic joke to her teammates.

Playing Tactics with Fade

He is an excellent choice in challenging times where you need to take control of your enemies. She is aggressive, but she manages to have controlled aggression where she patiently keeps a watch on her prey. Fade’s abilities will not only lead you to enemies but also create a pathway for you and your teammates. Fade is one of the few players alone to fight in the field because of her terror trials.

Fade Team Comps

He has the best shot with players like Ascent, Jett, Omen, Chamber, and Brimstone. Brimstone is the perfect match with Fade because their skills complement each other. They both can attach and defend their enemies from the coming terror. When Haunt spots an enemy, Fade’s teammates get an edge to pick off anyone on sight with a smoked-off angle.

Furthermore, Brimstone can launch his incendiary grenade in the presence of Fade’s Seize ability. Also, when it comes to ability combos, Killjoy makes an excellent pair with Fade for defending or locking down the enemies.