About Cypher

Cypher is a sentinel, and there is nothing on Valorant, which he unseen. He is an information broker from Morocco and keeps tabs on everything around him. He works on a one-man surveillance formula, where he doesn’t need anyone else to keep a watch on his enemies. Beware, he is always watching!



Cyber cage does not harm the enemies. It gets activated with an instant toss by Cypher. This ability creates a zone that helps block the vision of the enemies. Also, your moves are slowed down if you pass through the cage at the same amount. This ability is helpful for distracting enemies.

This equipment is a spycam, showing where your enemies stand. Fire it to activate the spycam at a chosen location. You may also re-use this ability to take charge of the camera’s view. With spycam, you already know precisely where your target is, which helps in an accurate shot that causes damage to the enemies.



This equipment is a tripwire. Fire to create a destructible wire attached to your enemies. This wire spans the placed location and the wall opposite it. If you do not destroy the wire on time, the enemy who crosswires will be tethered and dazed only after a short period. The unique quality of this ability is that it can be picked up to be redeployed.

The neutral theft is the most helpful ability of Cypher. When you fire a shot on your dead enemy, the crosshair instantly tells the information about all the nearby enemies. You may use that information to track and destroy your enemies. However, the information is shown only for a few seconds, so you must be quick with your actions.


More Details

Appearance and Personality

The appearance of Cypher will attract you on the first look! There is an antenna on the hat he always wears, making his character obvious. The antenna suggests that he is also searching for helpful information, and everything that happens around him is observed by him.

He also wears an overcoat, where he usually keeps all his utilities. He completes the look with a face mask that covers his entire face. The mask comes with unique features and is vision-specific.

Talking about his personality, he is constantly searching for secrets, information, and intel to help retrieve the password of his allies’ Valorant account.

When he finds a piece of valuable information, he likes to keep the details to himself because he knows he cannot trust anyone with the precious data. His allies do not know much about him, and he likes keeping things that way.

Playing Tactics with Cypher

The first thing players need to understand is that Cypher is not an apt choice for beginners. First and foremost, he is a support agent. His abilities hardly harm his enemies because they are made for confounding and trapping them. You may use him for several opportunities with spycam and Trapwire.

When you have Cypher by your side, you do not have to worry about trapping your enemies. Also, he is always aware of his surroundings, which is handy when needing some information.

Cypher Team Comps

Cypher’s most suitable team comps are Sova, Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Sage, Breach, and Phoenix. The information-gathering abilities of Cypher and Phoenix come in handy in various situations.

 The partnership of Sova and Cypher helps in strategizing and reacting fast. Also, Cypher can protect his team from the enemy players, and his abilities match perfectly with the above players. Also, as Cypher plays with his mind, his team is benefitted from his tremendous skills.