How to Convert Valorant to Apex Sensitivity?

Members of the gaming community love to try out different games to satisfy their love for gaming.

However, games have different sensitivities, which cause trouble for many players, as they cannot adapt to the sensitivity settings of various titles. 

This scenario is troublesome for shooting titles. Adjusting to different sensitivities can prove to be a challenge for players. This could also impact gaming performance and experience, which may be fatal. 

We all love games like Valorant and Apex Legends, and we do not want you to have trouble enjoying all of these games. Let’s find the options to convert Valorant to Apex Sensitivity.

Therefore, in this article, we will present you with information regarding how you can tweak the settings by following a simple process.

So, without waiting any further, let us dive straight into the article. 

Keep in Mind

It is crucial here to state that Apex Legends and Valorant have different game mechanics. Changing or do convert Valorant to Apex sensitivity settings in both games can be tricky and lead to decreased satisfaction for the user.

Keeping this in mind, let us discuss how the sensitivity settings of both games can be used interchangeably. 

Changing Sensitivity between games

There are two methods using which you can tweak or change the mouse settings between the games.

1. Manually using Formula

Changing the sensitivity settings manually using a formula can turn out to be a bit of a hectic task as the games would vary in several options.

Players would have to look for an exact match related to the settings to copy the sensitivity settings in Apex or Valorant or vice versa. 

This would consume a lot of time. However, once they have made the changes, you will enjoy the games in settings that will enhance your gaming experience.

You will not have to worry about changing sensitivity settings each time you switch between both games. 

Players generally note down their mouse sensitivity settings and multiply it by 3.18 to convert settings favorable for Apex Legends.

You could also change the “Field of View” to 105 from 103 of Valorant. Once you finish making the changes, practice with your new settings to notice the changes.

2. Using the online sensitivity converter tool

This is one of the most popular and one of the best methods to change or copy the sensitivity settings to Convert Valorant to Apex Sensitivity or Vice versa.

Players only need to enter the details of the game they wish to copy, and the settings followed by the game.

The process is simple and is much quicker and more efficient than entering the sensitivity-related information manually.

You just need to surf the internet and look for any online sensitivity convertor tool to cater to your needs. 

List of Best Mouse sensitivity calculator for Valorant

Here is a list of some of the best mouse sensitivity calculators you can use to enjoy uninterrupted gaming without compromising the gameplay experience. 


Convert Valorant To Apex sensitivity converter

This is one of the best sensitivity converter tools available on the internet. Players just need to enter the sensitivity settings they like to be converted to and the game they want to play.

The tool would adjust all the settings like ADS, scope, fire rate, or any other option that demands conversion. 

Apart from Valorant and Apex, there are loads of other games where you can adjust your sensitivity settings and enjoy them with no issues.

2. Gamingsmart

Convert Valorant to apex sensitivity converter

Gamingsmart is one of the highly popular sensitivity converter tools. The user interface offered on the platform is more on the simpler side and is easy to understand and use.

You can easily convert Valorant To Apex Sensitivity with the help of this finest tool!

Players need to enter their mouse DPI values and select the games they wish to copy the settings from and the game where they wish to see the changes.

If you are looking for an easy mouse sensitivity converter tool, go with gaming smart. 

3. Sensitivity Changer by

aiming pro Convert valorant to apex sensitivity

Next on our list is another free mouse sensitivity converter tool by aiming pro.

The tool is renowned in the gaming community as it offers to change the settings of almost all the shooting-related games that are popular in the gaming world. 

The tool also allows the players to copy some advanced settings related to the game, like 360-degree movement for each cm.

You just need to enter the game you wish to copy the settings from and enter your mouse DPI settings, which may vary according to each user.

Once you enter all the details, the tool would convert the sensitivity settings, which you can copy and paste into your new game and enjoy the gameplay. 


Convert valorant to apex sensitivity

If you are looking for a converter that is preferred by most gaming professionals, we have just the right converter for you.

Sens converter is an online-based mouse sensitivity converter that is famous for its engaging and seamless interface. 

Players need to enter their mouse DPI settings along with the settings of the game they like to copy from.

The platform also offers the option of inches per 360-degree movement which can prove effective for e-sports tournaments. 

The platform offers an array of games that can be converted and played accordingly to enhance the gaming experience. 


Convert valorant to apex sensitivity

Last but not least is the converter, which is loved by all.

This platform allows you to tweak your mouse sensitivity settings, so you can enjoy playing games while maintaining the precision and accuracy that is the essence of most games. 

The user interface offered by the platform is fairly simple to understand.

For instance, if you wish to copy the sensitivity settings from Valorant and use them for Apex Legends, you only need to enter the mouse DPI settings along with the sensitivity of Valorant that you wish to copy.

This way you can easily Convert Valorant to Apex Sensitivity for your perfect gameplay.

Pro Gamers Reviews

Although the sensitivity conversion would help you in maintaining your aim and precision across various games. It would be better if you experiment with the sensitivity settings to find the ideal settings for you. 

Even if you use sensitivity conversion tools to copy the settings across different games, it is advisable to undergo any training mode to see the changes made.

If you find it difficult to play with the changes, it would be better to switch to some new settings rather than sticking to the one which is difficult to adapt. So, good luck finding the ideal settings. 

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