The Tool CS: Go Crosshair Generator helps generate unique and specialized crosshair codes for the Counter-Strike games. It makes gaming easier than ever!

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Copy and share your crosshair settings


How to Generate Crosshair?

Yes, you can generate crosshair in CS: GO according to your preference with this CS: GO crosshair generator. All you need to do to adjust the settings: copy it and apply it to the console. If you are baffled about the process, the following points will help you get started:

Adjust crosshair settings

From the CS: GO crosshair generator, you can adjust the crosshair settings easily. Be it the size, gap, or alpha, the generator has all the elements that make your crosshair the best match for you. The best part is, in the left box of the screen, you can constantly see how your crosshair adjustments are working out for you.

Copy Config

After going through the settings, copy the configuration from CS: GO crosshair generator and save it for later use. You must perform the next step immediately by applying it to the console.

Apply to console

The next step is to apply the config to your console. After adjusting the settings, you get the config immediately, which helps you find a better crosshair for your gameplay.

How to Apply crosshair?

As the CS: GO console only accepts 255 characters, you will need to make a few changes. You have to split the input into two parts, as the crosshair command is longer than the required characters. To proceed with the process, you can take the help of the copy command. This CS: GO crosshair generator will divide the crosshair code into two parts which makes it easy to apply the code on the console.

When you are done copying the first set of commands, paste it into the CS: GO console and then copy the second set of commands and do the same. Once past this, go with the following settings:

  1. First Copy Config settings that you just generated.
  2. Launch CSGO, and click the grave (‘) or the tilde (~) key to open the console. Then paste the above config from the clipboard to your text field and click Enter on your keyboard.
  3. However, since you can paste only limited characters in the text field, you will need to divide the process into two parts. Copy the first set of configs, paste it into the text field, then copy the other set and paste it into the text field again.

How to get most of the CS: GO Crosshair Generator tool?

Use Randomize option

This CSGO crosshair generator has a more extensive database, and if you are new to the CS: GO crosshair generator settings, you can always opt for the randomized options. When you select this option, a crosshair gets generated for you by using the random settings. However, this is the best option you can go with when you are unaware of the correct settings.

Prefer Pro gamer’s settings

You can also refer to a Pro Gamer’s settings if you are confused about which match would work out for you. We have various in-built settings that can help you get started with the same. Also, a pro gamer’s settings vary according to the difficulty level, and if one in-built setting did not work out for you, you could always refer to something else from our database.

Test it on Map

Unlike the other crosshair generator, where you do not have a visual representation of your generated settings, this CS: GO crosshair generator tool allows you to test your crosshair sample on Map. With every change in the settings, you will get a demo representation of what your crosshair would look like in the field on the Map.

Generate Unlimited code to use later

When you get an idea of what you are doing, you can generate various CS: GO crosshair generator codes and save them to use later. However, when you apply the settings, make sure to copy the crosshair code from the console and paste them into a sheet so that you can access them later as per your requirement.

Helpful Information

Keep changing your crosshair

When you keep changing your crosshair in the game, it gives you numerous benefits. The default crosshair may not be a suitable option for every player, so advancements in the crosshair settings bet for improved gameplay.

You need to consider two things when changing your crosshair; one is that it should be visible in any map environment, and secondly, it should not be big enough to distract you or block your view.

Test it on Death match

This process is easy, as all you need is to choose one of the casual modes from the official matchmaking of CS: GO and check the visibility of your crosshair on different maps of the Death match.

Keep it Medium

Always keep the size of the crosshair medium so that it is big enough to be visible in all positions and small enough so that you do not get diverted with the size.

Always Enable Dot

Enabling the dot helps improve accuracy. With a dot on your crosshair, it gets easier to target your enemies, and you can aim for a more precise shot.

Always target the opponent’s head

Always keep the crosshair on the opponent’s head and target the same. This helps with a more accurate shot, and the plus point is that there is always a win-win situation when you aim at someone’s head as it suggests assured death.

Always Use the Outline

When you use the outline on your crosshair, it helps to highlight your shot so that you won’t get confused with your target. It also allows you to aim for a better shot, as the target is already highlighted with the outline.

Different Crosshair in CSGO


In the default crosshair in CS: GO, you will see a large crosshair that will have a big dot in the middle. When you start firing, the sight will change dynamically, and it shows the estimated area of the bullet spread.

Default crosshairs may be an ideal option for beginners as they do not have any idea of the customized keyboards, but they are not a good option overall. The crosshair covers most of the screen, and the size could be distracting and may prove problematic in firing.


As the name suggests, this crosshair is only a dot. Some players prefer the dot crosshair for more static and precise aims. A dot crosshair takes a minor part of the screen, helping the player a better aim. If a player wishes to spray, a dot crosshair would not be a good option for them. However, players who prefer one-tap shooting can get the most out of the dot crosshair.


As the name suggests, this “X-shaped” crosshair looks like a Cross that can help you get an accurate shot. It is just like the dot crosshair. The only difference is that instead of a dot, you have a cross that suggests better static and accuracy. However, the spraying accuracy is not comparable better than the dot one. If your spraying and recoil skill is not exceptional, opt for the cross crosshair.

Static and Dynamic

The default crosshair type is dynamic, which comes with a spread aim. Dynamic is good when you are a beginner, but once you understand the movement and the recoil mechanics, dynamic crosshair might distract you. When you are past the beginner phase, you can opt for the static crosshair, as it offers more customization and accurate aiming than the dynamic crosshair.

With the help of the CSGO crosshair generator, you get the freedom to create any crosshair type according to your preference. However, to stand out, always choose subtle colors and medium-sized crosshairs that opt for less distraction and better accuracy. Go with the flow and make unlimited crosshairs for your next play, which you can also test constantly on the map.