11 Best CSGO Players of all Time

What makes CSGO stand out among other FPS games? It’s star players!

The CSGO players have managed to take this game to such an extent that they left the developers stunned! The CSGO players knew what they were doing when they started playing the game, and their shots and strategies baffled the audience.

Since 2012, some players have shown cent percent loyalty towards the game, which has made them the best CSGO players of all time.

This article comprises those star players and some more information about that. You might know them by their character name, so it is time to learn some private details about them.

If you see your favorite CSGO player’s name in the list, then make sure to get to know about their background a little better with this article. Let us get started!

List of Best Players

1. s1mple

s1mple best csgo player

The name that left the new generation speechless is Oleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev, who made an entry in 2016. Due to his mechanical talents, s1mple is a renowned name globally, and people follow his strategies because it helps them crack the game.

Even though s1mple is known for being one of the best players to play CSGO, he and his team’s punching skills make them fall one step shorter than other players.

In order to compete for the major championship, this young and inexperienced CSGO player opted to start his journey in North America in 2016. However, when homesickness set in, he decided to return to his native country.

In the year 2021, he was ranked the top player in CSGO, and he was only 24 years old, making him a tough competitor amongst other players. At present, s1mple represents Natus Vincere which is considered to be the 2nd best in the world.

The only question remains: Will s1mple ever be able to score the major title? His fans are desperate to get an update on this question!

2. Get_Right

Get_Right Best CSGO Player

Christopher Alesund, aka Get_Right, is no longer active in the gaming industry but is considered one of the top players of CSGO of all time!

He left his legendary journey in 2019 but was a star player of CS even way back when CSGO was released.

Being an expert on CS, Get_Right could excel in CSGO in no time, and his dominant play style was the reason for the Nip’s growth between 2012 and 2013. At that time, he managed to pull off 83 winning streaks during his Nip time. That record stands still even after all these years.

Furthermore, Get_Right is also known for his superior aim, and he always managed to pull off even those clutches that an ordinary player finds not easy to do.

His unique gaming skills were one of the reasons why he got selected for the CSGO Hall of Fame.

Even though he left his fans bummed during his exit in 2019, all the titles he achieved in all these years made him a memorable best CSGO player.

3. OlofMeister

OlofMeister Best CSGO Player

Olof Kajbjer goes by the name OlofMesiter in CSGO. He is another addition to CSGO, who is gifted with exceptional skills.

He managed to score the winning title of MVP six times. Not just that, the same player has also won the major title two times!

When it was tough for the other best CSGO players to win the major title even once, OlofMeister left them stunned with his two times wins.

Due to his nature of being comfortable in any given role in the game, OlofMeister excels in versatility. You name any character on CSGO, and there is no single role that OlofMesiter might hesitate to play.

After a while, he joined FaZe and snatched the title of the best player. But in the major finals, he was left behind.

Even though OlofMesiter has not been active for a while, he will always have a special place in his fans’ hearts! Not only did he have a unique gaming sense, but his charms were enough for people to get attracted to his style.

4. Coldzera

Coldzera Best csgo player

Marcelo’ Coldzera’ David is no longer an active player on CSGO, but he will always be considered one of the greatest players. During his active reign, he was on a winning streak!

Coldzera had been the MVP eight times and won the major title two times.

In both 2016 and 2017, he remained the number 1 player, and fans started appreciating Coldzera because he always had something unique to offer in his gameplay.

Not just that, he had always been consistent with his games, and expecting a certain level with him won’t disappoint you, ever.

Undoubtedly, his rise to fame was due to his exceptional performances in all the games he ever played. Even to this date, Coldzera is an active player under the FaZe Clan, and we know he still has many winning titles to conquer.

5. Zywoo

Zywoo Best CSGO Player

You are mistaken if you think that s1mple is the only name that has shaken the thrones of legends in recent years! Mathieu Herbaut, aka Zywoo, is a name that, even after being familiar to a few people in the community, scored first on HLTV’s “Top 20 players of 2019” list.

Zywoo is one of the tops of the mechanically gifted players list, and he never knows what they should expect in his next game because his gameplay is also unpredictable.

The squad dominated DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 thanks to ZywOo’s excellent 1.49 rating throughout the competition after the French AWPer entered Vitality.

Zywoo is also one step away from winning the major title, and with his winning reign, it seems that the day is about to come!

6. dev1ce

dev1ce best csgo player

The real name of one of the favorite Best CSGO players of all time is Nicolai Reedtz. One thing dev1ce knew was that to make a position in the gameplayer; he needed to focus on his team communication.

In 2016, when the Swedes’ era ended, the Danes were ready to establish themselves.

Dev1ce is known for his choking skills, which is why he always manages to defeat his opponents on the field. Earlier, the community did not understand the abilities of dev1ce, and according to them, his mechanical skills were not strong enough.

But after a while, when dev1ce made a place on the battlefield, he proved himself to be one of the best CSGO players!

Currently, dev1ce has won 2 major titles and 10 MVP awards, and in terms of consistency, he is one of the community chants’ top names.

7. NEO

NEO best csgo player

The real name of Neo is Filip Kubski, an exceptional Counter-Strike player from Polish. Currently, Neo is considered to be one of the best players of CSGO who plays for Honoris.

He was a highly effective Polish Golden Five team member, who took home three WCGs, two ESWCs, and two IEM World Championships.

NEO played CS:GO as a member of the most enduring roster in the game’s history, representing Virtus.pro in notable triumphs at EMS Katowice 2014, ELEAGUE S1, and DH Las Vegas 2017.

Neo has spent more than 18 years in the gaming field, and whenever his name pops up in the name of the best CSGO player of all time, nostalgia hits those fans. In 2019, Neo was benched for two months in Virtus, which made him leave after two months.

8. f0rest

f0rest best csgo player

Patrick Lindberg is known in the CSGO gameplay by the pseudonym f0rest. He is an excellent Best CSGO player from Sweden and renowned for his exceptional mechanical skills.

Lindberg’s four years of tenure on the Fnatic roster is the reason that made him a prominent part of his team in 2009.

f0rest has been in the competitive field since 2005, is a popular name amongst his fans, and is considered one the greatest names in CSGO history. In 2010, f0rest decided to leave Fnatic and collaborated with SK gaming and was a part of it till July 2012.

After some time, he left SK and started playing CSGO with the team Ninjas in Pyjamas. In 2020, f0rest bid a farewell to NIP and joined Dignitas.

Regarding efficiency and top mechanical skills, f0rest is the first name that pops in as the best CSGO player.

9. Cloud9 Shroud

Cloud9 Shroud Best CSGO Player

Michael Grzesiek used to go by the name Cloud9 Shroud in CSGO gameplay. Shroud is a Canadian Streamer and Youtuber.

Even though he no longer plays CSGO, he will always be considered one of the best players. Shroud is an active Valorant player; he does not take a defeat for an answer.

Shroud commenced his CSGO career in collaboration with various teams, especially Manajuma and Exertus eSports. He was immediately hired by compLexity Gaming as a stand-in, and later, in August 2014, when Cloud9 bought the compLexity squad, he was hired by Cloud9.

In 2017, Shroud took a step back from starting the roster and decided to be a full-time streamer of Cloud9.

Shroud is known for his exceptional skills, and fans have complete faith in this player because he has been a part of multiple games but has shown versatility and efficiency in each game.

Shroud even has a Twitch account which has crossed over 10 million followers, ranking as the second most followed channel on the platform.

10. Niko

Niko best csgo player

The famous face of Best CSGO Players, Niko’s real name is Nikola Kovač. He is an exceptional player from Bosnia and represents his team, G2 Esports, in CSGO.

Niko started his career in 2011 when he used to play Counter-Strike. He participated in various teams, including eu4ia, neWave, maksnet, and DEFUSE.maksnet.

Later, he started playing CSGO for the team Nation.

Later, he also jumped to other teams like myDGB, eSports.rs, Team Refuse, and GamePub when he realized he needed a break from iNation. Niko was voted MVP of seven different tournaments and has all the skills to stand out exceptionally among other players.

With CSGO’s return to LAN in the second half of 2021, he experienced a career-best run. As of 2022, Niko is an active player of CSGO.

11. Hiko

Hiko Best CSGO Player

Last but not least, here comes Spencer Martin, aka Hiko. Even though Hiko bid farewell to Counter-Strike and CS:GO a while back, he is one the most popular names in the history of best CSGO players.

He gained notoriety when Area51 Gaming took third place in the first major CS:GO competition at ESWC 2012. He is primarily renowned for his abilities to clutch, play alone on sites, and lurk.

The opponent will never know what hit them with his sudden movement and attacks.

In 2020, Hiko retired from CSGO to become a Valorant player, and to this day, he has made an impact on his team. The reason for his retirement is not known, but maybe he switched to Valorant to experience different challenges.

Helpful Gamer Review

Even though the best CSGO players keep changing with time, there are a few names that always remain constant. Why is it that even after retiring, some players are considered to be the best picks until this date?

The reason is their consistency and efficiency. With unique gaming skills and out-of-the-box strategies, their fans started appreciating them, and soon, the players became known faces of CSGO.

Fans remember their names, crossbow, and other in-game settings because they believe they can achieve the same title someday if they follow them.

Some players managed to win the major title, while some are still trying to get one! No matter what, because of their exceptional attacking or dodging skills, they know what will help them to rule the CSGO reign forever!

Let us see how much it takes for other players to gain these expert gamers’ positions!

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